Jeffrey’s professional experience translates well into the field. I manage the sports turf and grounds for the school district. He encouraged and inspired me in the field of irrigation regarding water conservation and management. It helped me to understand my job better. It made me interested in the field and to want to learn more and teach other people in the management field. He could make sports turf managers’ jobs a whole lot easier through the knowledge they learn. He really is a mentor to me. He teaches classes for me called the Grounds Management Course for the Texas Association of School Boards. People come from all over the state to attend his training.

–Felix Madrid, District Grounds & Sports Turf Manager for Hutto ISD

It’s been excellent. I had books from (another company) and could not figure out that book to save my life. It was the same information, but taught differently. Jeffrey is hands-on and personable. I thought I knew a lot about irrigation, but know a lot more now; I have good understanding. His book is easier to read and to follow. He’s extremely thorough and considerate with you asking a million questions. He gave us a hand out every class. Even if you didn’t understand the hydraulics at first, he calmed you down. He had the terminology defined. I’ve got it down now. He’ll go over stuff a hundred times if you need it. We had some issues with some zones and we did a water audit out in the field. He was very thorough with that, too. 

–Owen Sanford, Irrigation Specialist, City of Lakeway

I have done continuing education classes. Jeffrey is definitely a good teacher and a good guy. He sure knows what he is doing. If people sit in his class and pay attention, they won’t have any problem. He’s good at what he does. He spends time with you. You can ask questions and he’ll stay after the class to go over things with you. I’ve been training under him since ’99.

–Van Stacey, owner Hydro Turf


Excerpts from after-class surveys:

“(I would recommend the class) because I came in knowing nothing about hydraulics and left ready for the state exam.” –Kevin. B., Dallas

“The instructor presented the course in a precise and comprehensive manner.” -McAllen student

“I would highly recommend this course (and) the material given is very helpful and the instructor is GREAT! I came to the first class knowing nothing at all. I learned so much (that) I am thinking of continuing as a career.” –Cynthia N., McAllen

“I would recommend anybody (who) does irrigation because it helped me understand more on how systems work.” –Alfred F., Round Rock

“I came to the class knowing nothing at all. I learned so much and would highly recommend this course and WETS to anyone!!” –Raymond R.

(I would recommend this course) as he presented material in an easy-to-understand manner.” –Stephen D., Austin

“Out of all the companies that I have trained with, this was BY FAR the best one!” –Michael M.